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Jack Augenstein Award

The Jack Augenstein Award has been presented to student-athletes at Loudonville High School since 1976. However, this award is not presented every year, but rather only when seniors attain dual levels of excellence on the playing field and in the classroom.

Jack Augenstein attended Loudonville High School from 1949-1952. While at Loudonville, he played football, basketball, baseball and track and field. An All-Ohio running back, Jack was a member of the 1949 and 1951 undefeated football teams at LHS.

After graduating from Ashland University, Jack came back to Loudonville – where he taught science and driver’s education from 1956 to 1975. Jack also coached football, basketball and track during his time as an educator.

Tragically, Jack passed away at the age of 41, due to complications from surgery.

The Jack Augenstein Award is based on several criteria, which make it very prestigious and coveted. Senior athletes must first received nominations from at least 50% of their teammates. Those who meet that threshold will then need to receive at least 50% of votes from the head coaches, Athletic Director and Principal at LHS. There are no limits to how many student-athletes can win the award each year and there does not have to be a yearly recipient

Jack Augenstein Award Winners

Greg Gardner (1976)Rusty Reynolds (1976)Nancy Gardner (1977)Shelly Combs (1978)
Brent Peoples (1979)Cherri Kick (1980)Jim Sellers (1981)Jon Cooperrider (1982)
Ty Schafrath (1982)Jody Beans (1984)Scott Vickers (1984)Scott Gardner (1985)
Rusty Burkepile (1988)Chad Beachler (1989)Jason Snow (1989)Dan Weber (1991)
Jennie Allerding (1992)Lisa Marshall (1992)Misty Wells (1992)Amy Zuercher (1992)
Susan Kline (1994)Sherry Mowry (1994)Jason Neubig (1994)Dawn Shorts (1994)
JC Haynes (1996)Kim Herman (1996)John Vogt (1996)Zach Davis (1998)
Kevin Hinkle (1998)Jane Gooding (1998)Alyson Workman (1998)Nate Huffman (1999)
Ryan Taggart (1999)Jenna Whitcomb (1999)Vince Davis (2000)Ben Davis (2001)
Mike Parsons (2001)Tyler Scott (2001)Brian Allerding (2002)Dan Huffman (2002)
Jill Allerding (2003)Andy Van Horn (2003)David Huffman (2004)CJ Spreng (2004)
Trevor Scott (2005)Jordan Lance (2010)Becky Orchard (2010)Scott Spreng (2010)
Andrea VanSickle (2012)Austin Cary (2013)Sierra Wright (2013)Ryan Weber (2014)
Kolton Edmondson (2015)Austin VanSickle (2016)Nikki Weber (2019)Isaac Gessner (2023)
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